About the 1843 Gold Sovereign : Victoria (Young Head) Shield

5,981,968 bullion sovereigns were minted In 1843.

The obverse design is by William Wyon and the reverse by Jean Baptiste Merlen .

Shield back sovereigns are always popular with collectors. This coin is relatively easy to source, but high grade examples are always in demand.

Spink Ref: 3852/B. Marsh: 26

Obverse Face of a 1843-Gold-Sovereign-Victoria-Young-Head-Shield

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Reverse Face of a 1843-Gold-Sovereign-Victoria-Young-Head-Shield

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High grade examples of this coin are sought after by collectors.

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Minting error in the word 'BRITANNIARUM'. A reversed Roman numeral '1' has been used instead of the second letter 'I'.

Further Information

The photograph of this 1843 Sovereign shows a minting error in the word BRITANNIARUM on the obverse side. It appears that instead of inserting a second letter 'I', the engraver punched a Roman number '1' the wrong way around. Although rare, a number of minting errors have been recorded from 1843 onwards. Such errors make the individual coin more collectable & will increase its value.

Look out for 1843 Sovereigns with a narrower shield design, alternative floral emblems at the bottom & differing leaf arrangements on the wreath. These coins are particularly rare and extremely desirable.


Label Detail
Bullion Mintage 5,981,968
Obverse Design Victoria (Young Head)
Reverse Design Shield
Axis The 1843 Shield Sovereign is struck on a reverse die axis.

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