A guide on how to sell gold Sovereigns

Sell Gold Sovereign Coins

If you’re considering selling any gold Sovereigns coins, make sure you’re getting a fair price. Many gold dealers will only offer a price based on the bullion value of a gold sovereign, regardless of its condition or scarcity.

Some specialist coin dealers even require you to advise them that a coin is particularly rare or collectable! The Gold Sovereign Expert website is owned and operated by Gold-Traders (UK) Ltd. We are an established precious metals dealer and will be happy to value your coins.

Selling Sovereigns to us

We have tried to make the valuation process as simple and as straightforward as possible. Please follow the process, detailed below.

  1. Complete a copy of our simple online claim form.
  2. When you submit the form, you’ll be asked to print a copy for signing. If you don’t have a printer, please hand write the detail of the form in a letter.
  3. If you elect for payment into your bank account (it’s our recommended option & free), you’ll see a section on your paperwork to hand write your bank details in.
  4. Follow our instructions regarding packaging and postage. You’ll be sending your package via insured Special Delivery, to the address printed at the bottom of your claim form.
  5. We deal with all packages on the day of receipt, Monday to Friday. We will contact you with our valuation and if you are happy for us to proceed, payment will be issued immediately.
  6. If for any reason you change your mind, your coins will be returned to you via Royal Mail Special Deliver, at our cost.

When calculating the value of a sovereign, we take into consideration the following points:

  • The year of mintage
  • the mint mark
  • the condition of the coin
  • bullion / brilliant uncirculated / proof issue?
  • minting errors.

Today’s bullion value for Sovereigns

As you read this, the bullion value of a full gold sovereign stands at £ . You should expect a reputable dealer to offer a few percent below this when selling bullion grade coins.

Get your Sovereign valued

Unfortunately, it is impossible to give an accurate valuation over the telephone. We will need to physically see your coin(s) before committing to anything over & above the basic bullion price. Please complete a copy of our online claim form, via our sister site, Gold-Traders (UK) Ltd.



  • I have a gold half sovereign (2000) hasn’t even been taken out of the packet or box is it worth more than scrap value and if so how much is it worth

  • We were given some gold sovereigns by my father in law in November 2012. He’s since passed away and we need to work out how much they were worth at the time, for inheritance tax reasons. Do you know how I can work this out?

  • Hi I have an 1843 Victorian sovereign. It has been mounted in a pendant, but seems to be in fairly good condition and not damaged. I have noticed that the second I in Brittanniarum, is actually a number 1 round the wrong way which I think may be a mi ting error. Is this worth more than scrap?

    Thanks for your help

  • Hi I have a pair of 1967 sovereign cufflinks – from your previous posts am I right in thinking these will these be valued as scrap

  • Hi Phil i have a 1884 Victoria (young head) / St George sovereign minted in Melborne in what i believe is excellent or Very good condition (no marks or wear whatsoever) I have been offered scrap value for this coin but i cannot allow such a beautiful coin to be scrapped. Could you give me an approximate value please?

    • You should never sell a Sovereign for ‘scrap’ value (if it’s in good condition). Please follow our instruction in the last paragraph to get a valuation.

  • I have 12 x 2002 full sovereigns: being 11 in a sealed sheet of 12. One has been previously cut away and replaced with another seprately sealed coin which also appears to have been part of a sealed sheet (but not the same). They are therefore all untouched by human hand and assume them to be uncirculated as opposed to proof coins – but how would I know with no other documentation found? I believe they were bought in same year of mint so wondered what the original selling price was as websites seem to concerntrate on the NOW value.

    • Hello Tim,

      Yes, the Sovereigns were issued in plastic sheets for investment buyers who purchased in bulk (for best value). Individual 2002 bullion Sovs were sold mounted in presentation cards. Unless you can get an answer from The Royal Mint, it’s going to be difficult to get an accurate answer on what they were originally sold for. Throughout 2002, gold was trading at around £220 / ozt, which would make the bullion value of an individual coin at somewhere around £52. So, if you were to sell them today, that’s quite a tidy profit!

  • Just a question please can you give myself some information on a Gold Sovereign, I will give you the details underneath.

    Gold Sovereign=1879S Sydney Shield.
    PCGS graded as MS63+
    pop higher=0
    pop lower=54
    S-3855 Shield

    I sent it to be graded through LONDCOINCOMPANY they sent it on to PCGS, if you would like to verify the details please do so.
    I am unsure if I would like to sell
    as unsure how to price the coin.

  • Hello, how can I tell if my 1895 victories veiled st george coin is half or full sovereign? Thank you

  • I have a 1895 gold sovereign in a jewellery pendant type mount, it was my grandmothers and I’m thinking of selling it. I read your information & it look like it’s the Victoria veiled head st George LONDON one. How much would I be looking at receiving for this?

  • Hello Phil,
    I have several Gold coin set in perfect condition to sell,My father’s set.
    And I have only received offers like scrap gold.
    All with certificates of authenticity, boxes, and never been taken out of their capsules.
    These offers are fair?
    Thank you.

  • I have a 1893 London mint veiled head sovereign it is mounted in a ring could you give me value please? Also have an 1890 London mint mounted in gold excellent condition. Could you give value and would you be interested in buying?

  • Hi Phil, i have a 1911 Edward V11 full sovereign and a 1910 George V full sovereign any ideas if worth more than normal modern ones? Many thanks. A-MELLEM

  • 1889 gold soverign

    • More than likely bullion value, unless you have a hooked style JEB in the obverse initials (there’s an article pending on this).

  • I have a 1883 sovereign with the Melbourne mint mark.
    Unfortunately it has damage at the edge approx 4mm. What would this damage do to the value?

    Thanks jay

    • Yes, damage will impact on the value. If the damage is significant, you should expect a scrap valuation of around 90% – 94% of the bullion price.

  • Hi i have a sovereign with the a being double stamped does this add to the value?

  • Hello guys
    I have a sovereign ring 1889 George on one side, victoria on the other. No mint mark (so London mint)
    Any idea on worth?

    • As it’s been mounted in jewellery (and it’s a common date), you’re probably going to be looking at scrap value. A good dealer will pay 90% + of the gold value.

  • Hi I have a victoria 1893 gold coin mounted into a ring and I can’t seem to find it online so I don’t know if it is a sovereign. It has a shield with 2 pictures of 3 lions running 1 lion and a harp with crown on top of shield around it is written BRITANNIA RIM REGINA FID: DEF: and on the other side is a woman wearing a crown it shows the whole crown on her head and she has a veil on, written around it is VICTORIA DE I GRATIA. Please let me know any info you have.

  • George V 1917

  • Hi,
    Very useful guides and I don’t think I have anything special but worth a check.
    Is a 1891 sovereign minted IN Sydney. To my eye, apart from a tiny amount of tarnish that you’d expect for a 126 year old coin, it’s in perfect condition. Happily share a photo with you. Based on today’s markets, what could I expect to sell for?

  • Hi, I have an 1882 Queen Victoria sovereign with an s mark at the back, below the horseman. Any idea of its value? Thanks


    • The mount is almost certainly 9ct gold, approx 1 – 2g in weight. If the coin has wear due to mounting, the value will be 5 – 8% below bullion value.

  • Why are you so coy about your margin and handling costs? Many people like me will be interested in how much their sovereigns would realise at bullion value without wishing to jump through your hoops.

    • Hello John,

      I’m sorry you think we’re being coy – we’re anything but! In fact, we try our best to inform visitors as much as possible with articles explaining the bullion value of a gold Sovereign. We think we’re far more open than many of our competitors.

      Our margin is generally about 2% on bullion coins and we have no fees. Following valuation, if a customer chooses not to sell, we’ll return the coin(s) at our cost.

      Over & above bullion valuations, it’s impossible to give valuations on coins without physically seeing them ‘in the flesh’ because the amount can vary by such a huge amount.

  • Hi there, I have 6 young Victoria gold sovereigns, dates 1888, 1889, 3 x 1891 and 1 x 1892.
    All in good condition.
    I also have 1 x 1963 young Elizabeth ii,
    1 x 1980 new Elizabeth II all same condition etc…
    I also have the following mint in covers Unused.
    2 x 1979, 4 x 1980, 1 x 1981….
    Can you advise on value.

    Many thanks paul

  • hi phil i have a 1871 london mint full sov with a die number of 99 is this rare and valuble

  • hi phil i have a 1881 sydney mint full sov without the bp initials and a 1899 perth mint full sovin mint condition encapsulated are they valuble

    • The 1881 S Sovereign doesn’t carry the BP initials on the reverse. Nothing exceptional unless it’s in true uncirculated condition.

  • I have a 1967 half sovereign with mount have had it for 35 years given to me by my parents but when I check it’s value it says online no half sovereigns were minted that year can you advise please ?

    • You are correct – no half Sovereigns were minted in 1967. Therefore you either mistaken a full Sovereign for a half (easy to do when they’re mounted), or it’s some other coin, or it’s a fake.

  • Hi i have inherited an 1885 Sovereign with victoria young head with bun how can i spot if its a fake or real please i have weighed it and reading 7 or 8 Grams scales not very accurate also the head is not inline being upside down with head with George and dragon also letter M stamped at the bottom of head side thank you for any help

    • Hello Ian, your Sovereign is unlikely to be a fake. The head is upside down because they were minted on a reverse die axis.

  • I have a gold edwardvs vii d:g: omn:rex:F:d:ind:imp: coin
    It is worth selling

  • I have a 2007 five pound coin brilliant uncirculated, could you tell me what’s it is worth and if you would be interested.

  • I have a 1861 half sovereign, young Victoria head and shield on the back.
    Is it worth selling?

  • Hello Mark I have a 1917 Sovereign and it looks like it is a Melbourne Mint but difficult to see. Would a Melbourne Mint be worth more than bullion value ? Still hoping it was a London!

  • I have a collection of sovereigns and also a couple of half sovereigns, 1 gold £2 and 1 £5.. what is the best way to send a lareger number of coins?

    • If you go through our selling process, we give you full instruction on shipping. Special Delivery parcels can be insured up to £2,500. If the value is in excess of this, you may want to consider using multiple packages.

  • I have the entire series of Edward VII (that is, 11 coins). If I sell it as a set, will I get a better price?

    • I’m not sure at this point what your ‘set’ comprises of. Edward VII Sovereigns were minted from 1901 – 1910 in London, Canada, Melbourne, Perth & Sydney. Did you purchase it as an official (Royal Mint) set, or is it a collection you’ve put together? I think it’s unlikely to be worth more as a set.

    • i have A Victororia gold coin 1890 how much is it worth

  • Do you also buy Half Sovereigns


  • I have 3 gold sovereign in very good condition and I wonder if I can sell them

  • so i have one 1863 gold sovereign in a very good condition . can you Please offer me a price?

  • should i sell the rings combined or take the coins out and sell separate?

    • We pay a higher rate for Sovereigns compared to the rates we pay for what we generically call ‘scrap gold’. I would caution against you trying to remove the coins yourself as any damage could impact on their value. You should also be aware that if they show any signs of mounting through un-even wear, this could also impact on their value as Sovereigns.

  • i have 3 sovereign gold rings, all with coins dated, 1900, 1910 and 1851 any idea how much these coins are worth? they are all in excellent condition but they are in a ring older of 9ct gold, please help me befor ei sell and regret on ebay shoudl i sell these private??

  • a 1953 half sovereign worth?

  • Hi
    I have 3 Roman I coins from 1861 to 1863 could you please let me know the value of these all in great condition.
    Many thanks

    • Hi Stephen, I think you mean Sovereigns?… As we state, it’s impossible to accurately value a coin without physically seeing it. At minimum, you can expect to achieve around the bullion value, as detailed in the above article.

  • I have a 1998 queen Victoria sovereign it is mounted with a 24 inch gold chain. What would be a rough value of this.

  • I have an 1867 Sydney mint sovereign,I was wondering if you could tell me it’s value and possibly where to sell it.Thank you

    • Hello Penny,

      We’re unable to value the coin without seeing first – sorry. We would be delighted to purchase it from you – we deal with everything on the day of receipt. If you want to go-ahead, please review our procedure here.

  • Dear Sir/Madam, I have a 1838 Victorian Sovereign, that I am contemplating selling. Could you advise on how much it could be worth.

    • Hello Kathryn,

      The 1838 Sovereign is a very collectable coin. It’s value is VERY dependent on its condition, ranging from several hundred pounds to several thousand!

      We would be very interested in purchasing this from you. Please see our page on selling Sovereigns here.

      • Hi thanks for your reply, could you please advise me on how I would get an accurate valuation from you. I would prefer not to post the sovereign, but could bring it to you if you have the facility. Thanks Kathryn Suter.

  • Hello, I have 35 sovereigns and 14 half sovereigns some are proof with box and coa, some are in limited edition packets, would I send them in their boxes etc,. for you to value and give best price. What would be the most cost effective way to post. thank you

  • I m in business of Gold Jewelery… right now I hav 1887 Gold Sovereign Victoria Young Head St George Melbourne Mint in good condition… what will u price it… Such coins in gold and silver do keep coming to me.. how we can trade safely…

  • Dear Sir/Madam
    I have a number of mixed age (1928-2015) full gold sovereigns. I would like to know if you quote all years and conditions the same.
    Kind regards,

  • I believe I have a half sovereign! dated 1915. It is exactly as illustrated for the London sovereign. does it also have value?

    • Hi Anne,

      Yes, your half Sovereign does indeed have value 🙂

      Take a look at this page. At the bottom it gives the bullion value for a full Sov. Just halve the value to work out what it’s worth.

  • I was reading online about the recovery of the SS Connaught (http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20160210-inside-the-hunt-for-a-million-dollar-haul-of-ocean-gold), and its estimated cargo of 10,000 gold sovereigns. I was curious what the likely range of potential value is for pre-1860 gold sovereigns, particularly if they are in mint condition (ignoring the impact that flooding the market with 10,000 of them might have).

    • Hello Colin,

      It’s a very exciting prospect. If they are salvaged & come to auction, you can expect some of the rarest examples selling for well into 4 figures, just as the Sovereigns from the RMS Douro did.

  • Hi I have a king George iv 1824 sovereign and an 1842 queen Victoria half sovereign,are these of interest to you and if so could you offer me a price.
    Many thanks.

  • I have George v 1928 soverign
    with Perth mint can you give an idea of its value please

    • Hi Ros,

      Very difficult to say without seeing it. It probably needs to be in ‘EF’ or ‘UNC’ condition (Extra Fine / Uncirculated) to achieve anything over & above its bullion value.

  • I have a range of Royal mint proof coins to sell some sovereigns half sovereigns gold£10, silver £1 and £2 and some proof coin sets all are in original cases with certificates do you buy all of these ?

    • Hello Sarah, thank you for your enquiry.

      Yes, we are happy to purchase all of those. Our main website – Gold Traders (UK) Ltd is where you need to register your sale request. Please complete our claim form here.

  • I have a 1885 gold sovereign in mint condition the young Victoria with her hair in a bun
    Please offer me a price
    Many Thanks

    • Hello Kath,

      There are 5 versions of the 1885 Sovereign – 2 shield & 3 St. George. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to value your coin without physically seeing it. It’s value could be anything from bullion value to £600+

      Please follow our instructions here.

  • Hello, Just a general question I have a 1987 Britannia 4 Gold proof coin set. Is it worth more Boxed with the certificate?

  • Hi, do you buy sovereigns from outside UK? Thanks!

    • Hello Jozef,

      Yes we do. If you ship to us, please ensure you select an appropriate shipping method that offers adequate tracking and insurance.

  • hi i have a 1928 soverign how do i find the letters you talk about p etc

    • Hi Elaine,

      Use the wizard to determine if there’s a mint mark. The photos show where to look for the mint mark letter.

      Hope this helps!

  • Hi I have 2 sovereigns I wish to send you but both are in gold rings. Do you accept sovereigns in this way and if so will I receive the value from the gold ring aswell as the sovereign value?

    • Hello Allan,

      Yes, we are happy to receive coins that have been mounted. You will of course receive the value for the ring as well, it will almost certainly be a 9ct gold mount. You can easily work out the value of the mount by subtracting 8g from the weight of your ring. Our scrap gold rates are available here. Please bear in mind that if, once the coins have been carefully removed, there is evidence of wear due to their mounting, it may affect the coin value.

  • Hello, I. Have used your wizard,It’s a 1923 sovereign with a P mark.
    any ideas as to the best way to find its value?

  • Hello

    Can you tell my,how much is the price for the gold coin victoria 1920?

    Thank you

    • Hi Antonija,

      Sovereigns were minted in three locations in 1920 – Melbourne, Perth & Sydney. You should use our wizard to identify where your coin was minted. If you have a Perth mint Sovereign, it’s value will simply be based on the current gold price. Melbourne & Sydney mint Sovereigns produced in 1920 are very scarce & worth a lot more. If you have one, we would be delighted to value it for you.

  • The Sovereign dated 1887 is in mint condition Wish to sell please advise
    Mrs J D O Connell

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